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RTE Video Tutorial

Permalink 03/24/11 10:28, by jonas, Categories: RTE, News
Moerderhoschi has created a video how to install and how to use the RTE. He uses the archive over the installer but the video is still more worth to watch. [video:youtube:y44Otv3EQGs] A small hint: The installation of JayArmA2Lib in the video is wrong… more »

Export as Template using RTE V

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What is a 'Template'? Templates are scripts that require a position to work. Normal exported units will always appear at the same position. Units from Templates will appear at the given position. As an example: If you would like to have multiple road… more »

How to export using RTE V

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Select the objects you wish to export and select Export selected or Export all from the action menu. The exported objects appear in RTE Capture. Don't forget to save the items in RTE Capture. Within RTE Capture you have two different ways to handle the… more »

How to use the RTE V

Permalink 01/22/11 15:29, by jonas, Categories: RTE
Some notes on the beginning: Be aware that the use of the character '|' is not allowed and '||' has to get replaced by 'or'.Clicking and holding down the mouse button will now get referred to as 'clicking'.When no mouse button is mentioned, it au… more »
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Quick Start for RTE V

Permalink 01/22/11 15:27, by jonas, Categories: RTE
Start ArmA II with @CBA, @JayArmA2Lib, @RTEditor. Preview a map in the editor. Press "ESC" and choose "RealTimeEditor" to start RTE. The camera can get controlled by using "WASDXCQZED". Double click on the ground to create a unit. Select a unit by cli… more »

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