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RTE Video Tutorial

Permalink 03/24/11 10:28, by jonas, Categories: RTE, News
Moerderhoschi has created a video how to install and how to use the RTE. He uses the archive over the installer but the video is still more worth to watch. [video:youtube:y44Otv3EQGs] A small hint: The installation of JayArmA2Lib in the video is wrong… more »

RTE Capture 1.59: Using the 'My Documents' folder

Permalink 01/10/11 01:19, by jonas, Categories: RTE, News
With the latest RTE Capture version, support for the 'My Documents' folder was added. For more details about that folder read the previous blog entry: New to ArmA 2 (1.05): Addons in 'My Documents' It is recommended to do the change and move your @R… more »

On the horizon

Permalink 08/24/09 16:53, by jonas, Categories: News
I finally found some time to work on the RTE, more detailed on RTE Capture. The main target is to add support for ArmA II in the profile settings and to use the updater for the RTE for ArmA II. This is mostly done, so I hope to bring the new version to… more »

RTE for ArmA 2 - Public Alpha

Permalink 07/23/09 19:28, by jonas, Categories: News
A public alpha for ArmA 2 is available. Used scripts: KRON_Strings SPON_LOS Set pitch / bank functions by General Barron Requires CBA Please note that this is an alpha version! This version does contain bugs. Please report bug… more »