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Export as Template using RTE V

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What is a 'Template'?

Templates are scripts that require a position to work. Normal exported units will always appear at the same position. Units from Templates will appear at the given position.

As an example: If you would like to have multiple roadblocks on your map, you could either create one for each position and export them normally or just create one template and run it for each position.

Export as Template - dialog:

Select the objects just like the normal export. Then use 'as Template' instead of normal export. Fill out the following dialogue and press OK. The template name is required!

The use of structured text is allowed in the description.

Templates will automaticly get saved in the template-folder of RTE Capture.

Running Templates:

The Template script expects a marker to be given. The position and direction of the marker will be used to determine the object's position. The marker will get deleted.

It is also possible to give a position and a direction instead of the marker.

"Marker" execVM "Template.sqf"
[_position, _direction] execVM "Template.sqf"

Example code

if (isServer) then {
private ["_skript"];
_skript = [] execVM "RTE_Export.sqf";
waitUntil {scriptDone _skript};
//run the export-scripts:
[] execVM "Script1.sqf";
[] execVM "Script2.sqf";
//run the templates:
"Marker1" execVM "Template1.sqf";
"Marker2" execVM "Template2.sqf";

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