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New to ArmA 2 (1.05): Addons in 'My Documents'

Permalink 12/23/09 14:33, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
With 1.05 BIS added a new feature to ArmA 2: The possibility to load addons out of the 'My Documents'\ArmA 2 folder. What's the advantage? The advantage of that folder is very simple: Every program can now install/update addons, even without administ… more »

New to ArmA 2: FSM - A sample

Permalink 11/05/09 22:53, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
Let's create the civilian script we've talked before.The civilian should stand idle until the player starts aiming at him, then he will raise his hands and surrender. But only as long as the player aims.We basically need 2 states: One where he idle… more »

New to ArmA 2: FSM - Scripted FSM by xeno

Permalink 11/03/09 07:49, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
So what is a scripted FSM ?A scripted FSM is simply spoken a replacement for a (SQF) script. The benefits are (from my experience) that the conditions (not the states) of a scripted FSM don't fall under the time limit per frame that normal SQF script… more »

New to ArmA 2: FSM - An introduction

Permalink 11/01/09 13:11, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
This entry is not about a kind of religion, it's about the finite state machine.To be honest: It already exists in Armed Assault, but without proper documentation and proper script commands it was worthless.In ArmA II we finally has the script comm… more »

ArmA Script Recoded 1.3

Permalink 10/26/09 14:40, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
Since the last mention of ArmA Script a lot has changed: We have minor improvements at the styling of SQF. Then there is a new menu point to display a variable via hint, *Chat or diag_log. But one of the major improvements is the support for mike… more »

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