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Installation of RTE V

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Get the latest version from here: http://rte.jonasscholz.de/blog/2009/06/19/download

There are three different ways to install the RTE:

  1. Online Installer (recommended)
  2. Offline Installer
  3. 7zip Archive

Online Installer:

The installer will install RTE Capture to the program folder. The option "Use local folder" will tell RTE Capture to store its data inside the apps folder. This is not recommended as long as you don't know what you're doing!

Once installed RTE Capture you should run it. A wizard will appear and install RTE for Armed Assault and ArmA II. It should auto detect the correct folder and will set the right mod folder, so no changes should be needed.

Offline Installer:

Same as online installer, but won't require a internet connection. The wizard is skipped, instead RTE is installed with RTE Capture. The paths are auto detected too, so now change required too. This setup will disable the build in updater in RTE Capture.

7zip Archive:

The ArmA II folder contains the pbos required for ArmA II. Move them to 'my documents\ArmA 2\@RTEditor\Addons'. The Armed Assault folder contains the pbos required for Armed Assault. Move them into your Armed Assault folder: 'ArmA\@RTEditor\Addons'.

The remaining files and folder are required for RTE Capture. Move them to any place you like. Please note that it uses "Use local folder" and stores all its data beneath the binary. Also the updater is disabled.


Once you have installed RTE Capture and the RTE, it is recommended to install


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Changelog 22/01/2011

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RTE Capture:1.60
Armed Assault

RTE Capture:
Wizard now installs RTE.

Updater now creates the mod folder.

Changelog 22/01/2011

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RTE Capture:1.59
Armed Assault

ArmA II:
New background for pause dialogue

Drawing on 2D map now uses the new draw commands instead of local marker.

Creating trigger works again.

Waypoints stays connected after rewinding.

RTE Capture 1.59: Using the 'My Documents' folder

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With the latest RTE Capture version, support for the 'My Documents' folder was added.
For more details about that folder read the previous blog entry:
New to ArmA 2 (1.05): Addons in 'My Documents'

It is recommended to do the change and move your @RTE folder to My Documents\ArmA 2\@RTE. To do this, simple adjust the Location of the RTE for ArmA II in the settings dialogue of RTE Capture.
It should move the files automatically.

Why this change?
The major reason is the UAC of Windows 7 and Vista. It prevents programs to write inside program folder. But mods are stored within the program folder. So every change to the mods requires admin rights.
RTE Capture itself doesn't require admin rights, but the update progress will fail if no admin rights are given due to UAC.
To solve this issue, the movement of the mod folder(s) is an elegant way.

It's time for a change!

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