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Archives for: October 2009

ArmA Script Recoded 1.3

Permalink 10/26/09 14:40, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
Since the last mention of ArmA Script a lot has changed: We have minor improvements at the styling of SQF. Then there is a new menu point to display a variable via hint, *Chat or diag_log. But one of the major improvements is the support for mike… more »

ArmA Script Recoded

Permalink 10/12/09 01:18, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
ArmA Script is a plugin for Notepad++ which adds support for SQF. Its supports highlighting of local or global variable, functions and more. It adds folding, including folding of arrays. But it didn't support the new commands of ArmA II and since the… more »
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Changelog 11/10/2009

Permalink 10/11/09 22:02, by jonas, Categories: RTE Changelog
RTE Capture:1.54 ArmA II ION_RTE:514 ION_RTE_Dta:514 Armed Assault ION_RTE:508 ION_RTE_Dta:441 RTE Capture:Added recursive search for mod folders. more »

New to ArmA 2: elseif

Permalink 10/06/09 17:43, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
elseif? We already have else if! More or less. We have else { if ... } which is different. Let's look at an example: if (Area1Clear) then { Convoi_Next_Waypoint = Area1; } else { if (Area2Clear) then { Convoi_Next_Waypoint = Area2; } else… more »
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New to ArmA 2: Threads

Permalink 10/02/09 04:46, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
Threads in ArmA II? Yeah!Yeah... I guess it is more an accident. It's an effect of the 3ms break. The engine has an internal FIFO stack (first in - first out) where all the scripts started with spawn, execVM and FSM are listed. When a script takes mo… more »

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