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ArmA Script Recoded

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ArmA Script is a plugin for Notepad++ which adds support for SQF.
Its supports highlighting of local or global variable, functions and more. It adds folding, including folding of arrays.

But it didn't support the new commands of ArmA II and since the latest code base was lost, it required a recoding.

I finally managed to recode it :)
It now has even a nicer code base than it has before. But what is more important: It has full support for the new ArmA II commands.


ArmA Script Recoded (for ArmA II)

ArmA Script (for Armed Assault)

If you're missing a feature: Feel free to ask.

ArmA Script Recoded @ OFPEC

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Comment from: kju [Visitor]
kjuGreat effort and so useful!
10/12/09 @ 08:39

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