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ArmA Script Recoded 1.3

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Since the last mention of ArmA Script a lot has changed:

We have minor improvements at the styling of SQF. Then there is a new menu point to display a variable via hint, *Chat or diag_log.

But one of the major improvements is the support for mikero's PboDll:
It allows to check a config.cpp or description.ext for errors and will display them within the document:

As an additional feature it allows to recreate a CfgPatches section including all defined units and weapons.


Another highlight is the project manager: It searches for config.cpp and mission.sqm and displays the content of the found directory.

This allows a quick navigation between the files and gives an overview of the current project.
And we can create some custom search using this directory:


ArmA Script Recoded (for ArmA II)

ArmA Script (for Armed Assault)

If you're missing a feature: Feel free to ask.

ArmA Script Recoded @ OFPEC

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