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On the horizon

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I finally found some time to work on the RTE, more detailed on RTE Capture.


The main target is to add support for ArmA II in the profile settings and to use the updater for the RTE for ArmA II.
This is mostly done, so I hope to bring the new version to public in the next days.

How is RTE Capture important?
RTE Capture is important for exporting data from the RTE. This is used when exporting units or creating templates.
Since ArmA II doesn't allow to write data (which is kind of reasonable), we need an additional program for it.

As soon as RTE Capture is finished, I can start focus on fixing the problems of the RTE and add new features.

I will also release a reworked version of CSVtoXML, but more about this in the next entry.


Comment from: kju [Visitor]
kjuVery much looking forward to it Jonas!

The gamestarter/RTE capture profiles are my every days tool
and it is the best out there for my needs. :)

Good job.
08/24/09 @ 17:25
Comment from: Nguyen Giap [Visitor]
Nguyen Giapyes i do agree RTEcapture is the fastest way to launch arma2 when we compare with six updater and for me an avid user of RTE its a great tool to load/save my ideas keep up the good work jonas

regards N.G
05/26/10 @ 11:51