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RTE Multiplayer Usage

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The RTE is usable in multiplayer? >:XX

Yes and no. It requires special maps which allows to open the RTE. The RTE itself can't get opened .

Lucky you :>

This mission pack contains four scenarios, two for Utes and two for Chernarus:

  • Coop
  • Gamemaster



Coop is for cooperative working on a mission. Every player needs the RTE and can start it.
At the end of their session, everyone needs to save their created stuff.
Each player only has control about their created objects. It's not possible to transfer objects from one player to another, so it's recommended to stay in contact while designing the missions.
At the end of the session all exported data need to get transferred to one person which merges them all into one mission.sqm.

To enable Coop on other maps simple copy the Init.sqf to them.

Gamemaster is designed for one person controlling the RTE. This person then can create challenges for the rest of the players. Only the gamemaster itself requires the RTE, the rest of the player can join without it.

To enable Gamemaster on other maps copy the Init.sqf to them and name one unit "Gamemaster". Only this unit can control the RTE.

Oh, one warning for all modes:
After dead the action will be vanished and it is not possible for the player to reopen the RTE again
But this can easily be resolved by a mission creator, so those missions are mainly designed to demonstrate RTE in MP.



Comment from: kju [Visitor]
kjuWell done. Good, easy to understand post!

To wording corrections you may want to add in:

or showing the principle of RTE in MP->to demonstrate RTE in MP.
09/06/09 @ 08:35
Sir Fragalot [6thSense]one question regarding the use of RTE in multiplayer,

we on 6thSense are using a mission-generator. But to place specific units or objects we are using the rte. So my question is how can i re-import stuff in order to shorten the preparation time or enable a re-playable mission.
In Arma 1 you had to have Armalib afaik. Is it even possible in ArmA2?

If somebody has an answer, please let me know
11/19/09 @ 02:05
Sir Fragalot [6thSense]Oh sorry never mind my post found the solution by coincidence.
I totally love RTE
11/19/09 @ 03:22