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Archives for: August 2009

RTE Capture delayed

Permalink 08/30/09 00:33, by jonas, Categories: RTE
The release of the new version of the RTE will be delayed due to a bug in the update system. more »

New to ArmA 2 (Beta): paramsArray

Permalink 08/28/09 01:39, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
BIS implemented something nice to the latest beta of ArmA II: paramsArray It replaces param1 and param2 and allows more than two parameter before starting the mission. So how does it work? hoz wrote a very good tutorial about this on OFPEC:… more »


Permalink 08/25/09 17:59, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
CSVtoXML is a converter to convert a stringtable.csv to a stringtable.xml. The Biki link should explain the stringtable.csv but sadly nothing exists about the stringtable.xml. Stringtable.xml? The stringtable.xml was introduced in ArmA II. The x… more »

On the horizon

Permalink 08/24/09 16:53, by jonas, Categories: News
I finally found some time to work on the RTE, more detailed on RTE Capture. The main target is to add support for ArmA II in the profile settings and to use the updater for the RTE for ArmA II. This is mostly done, so I hope to bring the new version to… more »

Changelog 18/08/2009

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RTE Capture:1.34 RTE:483 RTE_Dta:441 Fixed error when switching from first person camera to third person camera while being to high in the air. Fixed error with objecttree on first launch. more »