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Archives for: June 2009

Changelog 30/06/2009

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RTE Capture:1.32 RTE:465 RTE_Dta:441 Fixed code for non ArmALib user. The DLL will get injected correctly and the RTE shouldn''t complain even if no ArmALib and RTE Capture is used. more »

RTEV is now public!

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Basing on RTE V3, inspired by Low Flys 3D-Editor. [video:youtube:ew7u0bxQvzY] Sample images using RTE: New features in RTEV: [video:youtube:gSCRhSOK3-0] Videos about the RTE: Real Time Editor Promovideo Tutorial: Quickstart… more »

Changelog 27/06/2009

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RTE Capture:1.31 RTE:464 RTE_Dta:441 Fixed bug in project administration with civilian and resistance units. Fixed WaitDlg to be clickable. more »

Changelog 26/06/2009

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RTE Capture:1.31 RTE:462 RTE_Dta:441 Fixed bug in copy & paste code. more »

New to ArmA 2: Dialogues

Permalink 06/24/09 03:28, by jonas, Categories: RTE, ArmA
Err, new to ArmA 2? We have dialogues since OFP! Yes, this is true, but the designing of dialogues got a little nicer with ArmA 2. We have SafeZone :D I never had any problems designing my dialogue... Those problems only occurred to those people w… more »

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