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The future of the RTE

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What should this blog be about?
In theory about my work on the RTE and the conflict with ArmA.

RTE and ArmA? Old school! ArmA 2 is out!

True, and there is already a copy of ArmA 2 running on my computer. But first: The latest version of the RTE for A1 is still a beta. So I'm planning to release the final soon, currently working on the translation.

What is new in RTEV? Too much, but here a small list:

  • Synchronize is working
  • Added support to save and load current project directly in ArmA. This works either with ArmAlib or RTE Capture.
  • Added a context menu to easily change the groups formation, units position, etc.
  • Added the ability to edit the weapons cargo and unit gear. Those can get saved as templates
  • Added 3D objects for trigger, marker and waypoints. It is now possible to create a map completely in 3D, no need to switch to 2D any more :D

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Yes, there are some nice features A2s 3D editor doesn't have. Maybe they should have taken a look at my betas too :p

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Comment from: loki [Visitor] Email
lokiglad i found this... i hope you can get this into A2 without a million headaches... one of the.. if not the best addon for mission makers.
07/12/09 @ 22:29