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The three ways to execute a script

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ArmA (II) has three ways to execute a script: exec(VM), spawn and call. execVM is the direct method. It takes a path to a file as parameter and loads and execute this file. It returns a script handle which can be used to terminate the script or che… more »
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Changelog 26/09/2009

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RTE Capture:1.53 ArmA II ION_RTE:514 ION_RTE_Dta:514 Armed Assault ION_RTE:508 ION_RTE_Dta:441 ArmA II:Fixed missing texture when placing a waypoint. Increased performance when having multiple units. more »

The "3ms-break" - Addition

Permalink 09/25/09 05:30, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
In this addition I want to hint for an improvement or better: fault correction of the previous blog entry.A fault?Yes, I'm surprised too, only one :)) more »

New to ArmA 2: The "3ms-break"

Permalink 09/22/09 01:48, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
BI implemented a new "feature" in ArmA 2. This feature is not noticeable for normal people, but mostly for developer.So what's about the feature?Scripts will get paused if it takes to much cpu time. This allows other scripts to run. On the next f… more »

Changelog 20/09/2009

Permalink 09/20/09 02:29, by jonas, Categories: RTE Changelog
RTE Capture:1.53 ArmA II ION_RTE:505 ION_RTE_Dta:483 Armed Assault ION_RTE:508 ION_RTE_Dta:441 RTE Capture:Export of synchronised triggers works without loosing the synchronisation. Merging waypoints into mission.sq… more »

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