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Archives for: July 2009

RTE for ArmA 2 - Public Alpha

Permalink 07/23/09 19:28, by jonas, Categories: News
A public alpha for ArmA 2 is available. Used scripts: KRON_Strings SPON_LOS Set pitch / bank functions by General Barron Requires CBA Please note that this is an alpha version! This version does contain bugs. Please report bug… more »

Pastebin for ArmA

Permalink 07/19/09 20:07, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
Pastebin? Pastebin already exists! This is true. This pastebin also uses the code from pastebin.com. So what is special on this pastebin? It supports syntax highlighting for SQF. pastebin.jonasscholz.de more »

Changelog 19/07/2009

Permalink 07/19/09 02:21, by jonas, Categories: RTE Changelog
RTE Capture:1.34 RTE:474 RTE_Dta:441 Fixed error in RTE Capture with missing knots for ArmAScript. more »

The art of debugging

Permalink 07/13/09 05:23, by jonas, Categories: ArmA
Since we will have bugs in our codes, it is important to know how to track them. In general we have powerful debugger which allow us set breakpoints, monitor variables and more nice features. Sadly we can't use such a tool since we're inside a sandbo… more »

Changelog 12/07/2009

Permalink 07/12/09 00:02, by jonas, Categories: RTE Changelog
RTE Capture:1.33 RTE:474 RTE_Dta:441 Fixed missing hints in options dialogue. Switched ""Raise"" and ""Increase angle"" since they were switched. Moving via the right mouse button will be smooth. more »

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